Gerard McKeown is an Irish writer who spends his time between London, England and Tallinn, Estonia. You can read his published work by following the links below. Some pieces no longer available online can be read in the short stories section of this website.

New Work
Returning – The Lonely Crowd
The Summer Between GCSEs and A-levels – jmww

Selected Short Stories
Never Wases Anonymous – The London Magazine
The Quizmasters – The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Fourteen (edited by Ellen Datlow)
Every Ballymena Man’s Dream – BBC Radio 4 (produced by Michael Shannon, read by Seamus O’Hara)
A History of Fire – Willesden Herald New Short Stories 10
DetachmentStill Worlds Turning (edited by Emma Warnock) No Alibis Press
The Blue HourLitro
The Company of Moths – The Milkhouse
The Goalless Draw – Fictive Dream

Cullybackey Train Station – The Honest Ulsterman
Sister Sarya at The End of The World – The Mechanics’ Institute Review
The Shared Bedroom – Number Eleven
The Quizmasters – The Black Dreams (edited by Reggie Chamberlain-King) Blackstaff Press
Roll Again – Hipflask
Almost Strangers – Open Pen
The Last Meal of the Condemned – Litro
What Are You Doing Here? – World Literature Today
Other People’s Phone Calls – Headstuff
The Drowning – Fictive Dream
Drowning A MermaidSplonk
Silent Misery – Same Same But Different (edited by Mikka Haugaard) Everything With Words
Stroked on Dope – The Honest Ulsterman
Rabbit Season – Willesden Herald New Short Stories 11
The Poetry of Jenny – Liars League (performed by Zach Harrison)
How Do You Make Lady Gaga Cry? – Jellyfish Review
The Stink and The Shame – Litro
Burrito and Kate – 3:AM Magazine
The Burnt Moth – Spelk
Browsing Through CDs at the Supermarket – The Honest Ulsterman
The Company of Moths – Open Pen
Second SkinThe Drabble
Hollow Earth Theory – The Bohemyth
The Dancers at Blackpool Tower – Fictive Dream
Blue Smoke – Visual Verse
Farmer (Poetry) – Fire No. 26 ISSN No 1367-031X
Kidsgrove – Litro
On The Beach – The Drabble
The Comedian – The Honest Ulsterman
A Mouthful of Wasps – VisualVerse
After The Parade – Neon
Mice, Monkeys, Cats, Cows, and Frogs – The Honest Ulsterman
Good King Bumfluff – The Incubator
A Visitor – VisualVerse
DunvaleThe Moth
A House on the Edge of Town – Six Pack (edited by Toby Litt) ISBN 905404963